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What We Do Is Always For You.

Our Goal Is To Become An Essential Service That Makes Your Life Easier To Manage

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Restaurant Delivery

We Work With Many Restaurants Directly as Well We Will Pick Up From Any Restaurant Of Your Choice, Even If We Are Not Partnered With That Restaurant.  No Mark up on food prices and no hidden fees Delivery starts at $7,

Pay Your Way At Door 

 Cash , Debit, Credit or E-transfer                                                     

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Pick Your Grocery Store

You Choose Where We Go!

You tell us what store you prefer and we will go there.  We will get the sales items you want. 

No Hidden Fees.

$10 for any grocery pick up.  If order larger than 7 Items or bulky items fees would apply.        Fees are clear 15% of order added to compensate for picking time.

$2 fee apply if under the 7 items of bulky Example 10 cases of water, etc.

Prescription Services

Pharmacy Delivery

We will pick up from your pharmacy or choose on of our preferred Pharmacies and they will cover delivery fees in most cases.  Call for a list of our preferred pharmacies. 

Depending on your needs we can advise you of which pharmacy would benefit you based on your particular needs .

Approved By AGCO

Wine, Beer & Spirits

Quinte Delivery Is Our Sister Company (cousin company to be precise).

We partnered around 2015  to cover all our customers needs.

We have implemented a NEW Enhanced service that ensure speedy service

If within original city limits:

Regular Delivery Starts at $7  to $10

     Enhanced Starts at $12 to $15      

Extra Fees Only Apply (of up to $10 or $15) If Payments are Debit, Credit or E-Transfer. 

Base Price Applies to Cash Payments.

We Have More to Offer.

Even if we can not accomplish things like moving your whole home or larger items than our vehicles can handle with 30+ years in logistics we have made some connections and can refer you to professional and fair priced companies that can.

Market Place, Kijiji or Department Stores

Door to Door or Department Stores

Have you ever wanted to purchase something from Market Place, Kijiji or get that sale item from the store but couldn't pick it up  before the sale was over or it was not soon enough for the seller?

We Got You!  

Pay Your Way At Door 

 Cash , Debit, Credit or E-transfer                                                     

General Courier Services

Documents & Other Items

The advantages are:
A) You don’t need to send one of your own personnel to do the delivery. They can continue the tasks they are best at to help the company grow.
B) Many times you don’t have the personnel needed to make the delivery and have last minute deadlines.
C) We are delivery specialists and usually know how to get it done more reliably and quicker.

Bulky Items and Moving Service

Larger Items & Moves

We have the ability to move some larger items and of course offer fair pricing for this service.

For Items we are unable to move such as a Piano  or such we will refer you to the right people that will treat you fairly.

Depending on your needs we can advise you of which service would benefit you based on your particular needs .

Recommended Service

Total Clean Care

Total Clean Care  Is another family operated business in the area.

We highly recommend this company to meet all your cleaning needs.

They offer free in home quotes and take notes to make sure you get the exact clean you are looking for,  from general tidy ups to deep cleaning services they do it all.

Discounts for weekly and bi-weekly cleans.  Call Today and Ask For Jordyn, she will be happy to help.