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Grocery Delivery

Any Store You Choose

Our Fees For Groceries Are as Follows:

$10 base cost for up to 7 Items or less*

15% added for larger orders.  Based on  total order cost to cover our time picking the order.

If You like to shop sales and order less than 7 items per store the fee is just the $10 per store and you savings should more that cover that fee.

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Keep In Mind if it is only 7 Items or less each store is only $10 so shop the deals and get more bang for your buck.

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Please Keep Phone Lines Open For Us To Contact You For Substitutions Etc

Sit Back & Relax, We Got This

We will bring to your door for you.  You just need to put it away and cook it yourself.

If you do not feel like cooking you can order your dinner from a restaurant using the same easy to use form.

Grocery Order

       It is Important you be by the phone & keep line open, we may require  substitutions options.             Please Be Very Specific With Brands & Sizes
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