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Quinte Delivery

We Have Been Serving The Quinte Area For Over 30+ Years
We are proud to call Belleville and Trenton our home towns.  We take pride in our work and enjoy the personal touch we add to your delivery.  In a world of technology we of course all enjoy its just nice to have some human contact and interaction. 
You pay your way at the door for the products and service you are receiving not in advance.  Tipping is optional and can be based on the service you receive and not blindly before your delivery is even there.  Pay by cash, debit, credit card or even e-transfer. We do not have typical boundaries and can deliver to your door even if you are rural.
Our team of smart served licenced drivers would be happy to serve you.   
Feel Free To Contact Either Dispatcher Quinte Delivery 613-967-7827 or Total Dispatch 343-263-9482 either will be more than pleased to take your order by phone or text.

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Quinte Delivery

Sit back and relax, enjoy that night or day off.  We can bring whatever you need right to your door. '

Pay Your Way

Open From 10 to 9 except Sundays 12-6

Beer Store 

Click the picture above for the beer store website.  Check for pricing and availability right on their site.

Open From 10 to 9 except Sundays 11-6


Click the picture above for LCBO website.  Check for pricing &  availability right on the site.

New Improved

Enhanced Service

Where else can you get a fast pass for as low as an extra $5?

Outside city limits extra fees will apply.

Starting at only $12 for base price (cash) up to $15 (debit machine payments).  It puts you at the top of drop list instead of in the order as received,

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