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Get What You Want, When You Want,

From Where You Want!

Total Take Out & Quinte Delivery has been and still are the premiere service in the area for 30+ years. Family owned & operated we strive to make our customers lives easier one delivery at a time,

We remain vigilant to offering that human element, someone a customer can call and resolve issues on the spot. The customer is still our main priority. We collect payment at the door & we offer a pleasant store to door experience. Our employees do not just drive and “sling” food, we offer customer service.

Pay Your Way At The Door: Cash , Debit, Credit or E-transfer  

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"Let Us Get That For You"

Are Words We Live By.

Where your needs can be our honoured tasks.

At Total Take Out We Got You.  From Fast Food to Fine Dining, Groceries Dry Cleaning, Pharmacy, Floral, Picking Up Something You Bought on Market Place, The Mall, Department Stores, Really  Anywhere* 

Your errands are our errands.  Assign them to us and free yourself from those mondain tasks you do not want to do,  For example, today I am redesigning a website & I do not want to make lunch...  Total Take Out to the rescue!!   My husband needs something from LCBO ... So We Called Quinte Delivery.   


We Have You Covered Let Our Team Of Caring Drivers Get That For You.

2 Companies To Cover All Your Needs

Total Take Out & Quinte Delivery Joined Forces in 2014.  We are Family Oriented & Customer Service Driven.
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No Need For A Map We Have Been Connecting Quinte & Area For Over 30+ Years

Let Us Know What You Need, We Got You!  If You See It On That Map We Have Probably Delivered There.  The Only Boundaries We Have Are Oceans And Lakes That A Car Can Not Drive Across. 
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