Pricing & Extra Fees

Base Prices For Cash Deliveries In Original City Limits

Standard Delivery
Enhanced Delivery

Debit Machine Usage Charges/E-transfers
$1 to $3
Grocery Store, Mall or Department Stores (Up to 7 Non-Bulky Items)

Extra Charges Where Applicable

Out Of Original City Limits Per KM 
Groceries Over 7 Items Base Plus Fee of 
15% of Order
Bulky Items Depend on Size, Weight  & Quantity
Starting from $2.00 per trip
Regular Stops 
Premium Stops (Fast Food, Etc)

No Need For A Map We Have Been Connecting Quinte For Over 30 Years

Let Us Know What You Need, We Got You!  If You See It On That Map We Have Probably Delivered There.  The Only Boundaries We Have Are Oceans And Lakes That A Car Can Not Drive Across. 




10:00 am to 9:00 pm